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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Drive out to Kentucky

Went camping on the way out at a spot Joe's mom found! It was way cooler than we expected. I ended up throwing up in the morning though. I think it was the apple I ate. Soooomething about that apple.....it was wierd. But we ended up finding really cool fossils and Joe even found a geode! hahaha

Garlic Harvest

Joe was really in heaven. He can't get enough garlic!


Ran into some snakes in the garden that were mating! It was amazing to watch their boddies whip all around eachother and then freeze! And then whip all over again and freeze! beautiful!

Monday, June 29, 2015


Ollie was a grackle that fell out of a tree and we took him in to take care of him till he could fly. He really struggled to figure out how to eat on his own.  He ended up not making it. One morning we found him dead...we have no idea what happened to him.... It was really sad. Everyone loved this little bird very much. 

Easter babies

Sand people